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As I continue my research on energy healing and how our bio-energy patches play a part in my life, I found a book called “ Vibrational Medicine”  a fascinating book writing by Dr Richard Gerber that brought me closer to understanding how the patches work with my system and how they play a big part in my life. As we all know Einstein convinced the world that energy is matter and matter is energy and formed the foundation for understanding how human beings can be considered dynamic energetic systems. Through his famous equation, E=mc2, Albert Einstein proved to scientists that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance.

The National Institute of Health defines Bio-energetic as the scientific study of interactions between living organisms and electromagnetic field, forces, energies, currents and charges. Most people accept that these forces affect is; the debate is about measuring the effects. Research has been done on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from high-voltage power lines on people. However, this research uses conventional testing and for conventional diseases. If no disease is found in an active state, then there is no effect correlated.

Measuring the different kinds of energies, especially subtle energy, matter, we need devices to measure the different kinds of energies. A thermometer is a perfect example of a device used to measure energy. However, measuring the decrease in the body’s temperature does not diagnose the disease. But a high or low temperature does tell us that something is out of balance.

Dr. Richard Gerber, MD further hypothesizes that energies are part of a bio-informatic model of information that flows within living systems. For example, the calcium ion is an information carrier. It triggers different cellular events in different types of cells. When calcium flows into the cardiac pacemaker cells it influences the heart beat rate, and when it flows into smooth vascular muscle cells, it affects vasoconstriction. Other information carriers include genetic materials (i.e. DNA and RNA), biochemical signals (i.e. peptides, steroid hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrients, ECT), electrical signals (i.e. nerve cell transmission), light or biophotonic signals, and subtle energy signals.

In fact, the dynamic human energy system is a complex network of different types of energy, according to Richard Gerber, MD, the author of the book, Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves, describes this network as; (1) biochemical energy (i.e. glucose, ATP, fats, protein); (2) bioelectric energy (i.e. nerve signal transmission, cardiac electrical rhythms, neuroelectrical brain activity, piezoelectrical bone currents); (3) biophotonic energy (i.e. mitogenic radiation, UV biophotons emitted from DNA); (4) bioelectronic energy (i.e. inherent cellular/ DNA activity – DNA vibrating at GHz frequencies); (5) and biomagnetic energy (i.e. by-products of cardiac, nerve, and brain activity, by-products of cellular activity, subtle energies – Qi, Prana, and Etheric energy).


Dr. William Tiller, past president of the Material Science Department at Stanford University, believed that the skin had a uniform conductance, and he set out to prove that Dr Voll’s work was a farce. What he found, however, was that the points on the body that had been mapped out thousands of years ago by the Chinese did, in fact, have a lower resistance than the rest of the skin. He subsequently agreed with Dr Voll that, where the readings were higher (higher conductance means lower resistivity at that point) there was an inflammation of the area associated with that point. This inflammation caused an increase of ions which enhanced the flow of electrons. Conversely, when the reading was low (low conductance meaning higher resistivity) there was a degeneration of the area associated with that point. Degeneration caused a decrease in ions concentrations that hindered the flow of electrons. This pattern of associating low reading with degeneration was studied by Dr’s. S.G. Sullivan, MD, J.T. Martinoff, MD, PhD, D.W. Eggleston, DDS, and R.J. Korenig, MD who applied it in their research on confirmed lung cancer patients. Their study validated that the lower reading on the lung meridian were indeed reflected in the confirmed cancer patients and not on the healthy patients.

In June 1996 issue of the Institute of Engineers magazine published several articles on acupuncture and the clinical aspects of EAV. Their abstracts confirm that the technology works. A quote from Susan Stockton’d book The Terrain is everything states; “Homeostasis is the body’s balancing mechanism. When the body is out of balance, energy can no longer flow freely. Energy blockage set up in the body and that leads to disease conditions. Health, in a very real sense, is energy, energy flowing through the body without obstruction.” We can conclude from Stockton’s comment that health is the easy flow of nutrition, air, water, thoughts and energy into and out of the body. A disruption of flow would then be disease. Being symptom-free is not a sign of health.

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