What is BioEnergetic Medicine?

What is BioEnergetic Medicine?

BioEnergetic is what we are:
Bio (biology) Energy (atoms, electrons, sub atomic particles)
BioEnergetic Medicine encompasses all models of medicine. Yes . . .all perspectives . . . . .including: Western, Oriental, Ayurvedic, German, French, etc.

It operates under these principles:
• The body heals the same way it develops: Inside-out, top-down
• The body is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs
• The body is a flow system.
• Dis-ease, lack of ease, is the result of a blockage in the flow system
• A symptom is the body’s cry for help
• The root cause of disease is anchored in the energy body
• The patient is in control of the healing process

BioEnergetic Medicine includes all assessment techniques including lab tests, manual techniques, energetic assessments, etc… as a result providing a cohesive (unified) model of medicine.
BioEnergetic Medicine is the Medicine of the future… collaborative, cohesive, full body, integrated in one system that encompasses all healing models. The patient is in charge of their healing process.

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