Weight Loss

The Weight Loss patch is designed to support the body’s ability to lose weight faster. Consider using when experiencing: Slow to focus, shortness of breath, lack of initiative, sluggishness and lack of energy. The patch is designed to work with your metabolic system to increase aerobic strength when performing at peak performance to lose weight naturally.

These patches have been tested extensively and proven by the many that have experienced them to promote weight loss and increase your energy.

Place the Weight Loss patch on the left side of the body. Energy travels to the left of your body far better than the right side. For best results, please follow directions that are stated below. The “Weight Loss” patch is the perfect solution for balancing your metabolic process, and your body’s energetic field for losing weight effectively. When we consume food it converts into chemical energy, which provides the nutritional need for energy and growth. This connection is defined by the laws of thermodynamics that requires all humans to ‘burn’ food for energy.