Adult Focus

The Adult/Focus™ patch is a NON-DRUG product that was developed as a complementary therapy program that is accepted by Doctors and Practitioners as an aid to support and restore the body’s energetic function.

Adult Mental Focus: Possibly the most telltale sign of ADD/ADHD, “lack of focus” goes beyond difficulty paying attention. It means being easily distracted, finding it difficult to listen to others in a conversation, overlooking details, and not finishing work or projects. While people with ADD/ADHD are often easily distractible, the flip side of the coin is called hyper-focus.

While engaged in an activity they like, a person with ADD/ADHD can be so engrossed in something that they are ignorant to anything else around them. This kind of focus makes it easier to lose track of time, ignore those around you, and cause relationship problems.

Disorganization: Life can seem chaotic for everyone at times, but someone with ADD/ADHD experiences a more hectic life on a regular basis.This can make it difficult to keep everything in its right place. You may have problems with time management, keeping track  of tasks, procrastination, chronic lateness, and prioritizing.