What happens when the Endocannabinoid System Becomes Imbalanced?

  • February 22, 2016
  • admin


Keep in mind that “balance” is critical, as research has shown if we tip the scales too heavily in the direction of CB1 inhibition, there may be an associated decrease in fertility, with increased risk of depression, mood disturbance, and immunosuppression. An overabundance of CB1 signaling has been associated with increased psychoactivity, systemic inflammation, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, and obesity. In contrast, CB2 over-activation and dominance could lead to decreased immune function and diminished wound healing.

    • Karen
    • January 31, 2016

    Nice work Richard! Thanks for breaking all that down. Just don’t ask me to repeat it;-)

    The Flea/tick is awesome. I know fleas scramble and die when expsoed to Scaler energy. i have seen it happen. So this patch is awesome and i am thrilled to say last fall no fleas on my dogs for the first time ever! And using the hip patch for my 2 dogs, with weak hips and in 2 weeks time noticed a difference. The vet said surgety and pain meds. I knew i was not doing that! What is amazing about these patches for animals is they last 2 months, the flea one and the hip 6 months! I put the Calm on my Golden hyper puppy and he is gradually settling. I like your explanation of how it works: if the energy is high/hyper or low/depressed it brings it to neutral! THe weight loss one for me cut back my appitite and i am finding to choose healthier food choices. interesting science behind all this and for sure affordable. Thanks again for the informative talk!

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