Bio Energy Patches / T. Tyrrell – 9/28/2015

In January 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Caner, Tumor on left breast, Stage 3, Estrogen positive with Her2Nu.  Over the last four years I have undergone many treatments.  In March of 2015 I was introduced to the Bio Tech Energy patches and started with the alkalize, pain & inflammation, immune system, fungus and parasites.  After wearing the patches for a couple weeks I noticed a significant difference.  Pain in feet, less and less.

In May, went through 2 weeks of Radiation.  After 15 weeks of no chemo or antibodies, sight back better than normal, lots of energy.  I don’t think I would be here today, without all the treatment, oils and the Bio Tech energy patches.  I believe the patches played a big part in making my body alkaline and fighting inflammation.  Also playing a part to rid my body of parasites and fungus that feed cancer.

Was using the Bio Tech patches alkalize and fungus (candida), now wearing the Bio Tech bracelets for well-being, pain inflammation, nerve stim, alkalize, candida, parasites, immune system, emotional rescue,  motion sickness, lyme, allergy and weight loss.

I have noticed a huge difference in pain in my knees.  My emotions are more in control, taking less supplements for stress.

I have taken Dramamine everyday for years, and the cancer meds cause nausea.  I am now down to taking it once every 2 weeks or so.  That changed when I started wearing the bracelet with Motion Sickness frequency.

My alkalize levels are up where I need them to be.  Oxygen levels are at 100%.  Parasites and fungus are not showing up in tests.  All changed when I started using the patches.

I have noticed my cravings are almost gone, due to the Weight Loss frequency in my bracelet.

Also, after watching my little 6 lb dog suffer from flea and tick meds, I have switched to the flea and tick patch that Bio Tech offers in their Pet Products.  It’s so easy to put on his tag, and he has not had any trouble with fleas and ticks so far.

I can’t wait to try the other tools for phone (EMR defender) and magnets (Gravity Balance) for my mattress.  My hope is to cut back on the many supplements I take.




” * Individual results may vary “