Pain and Inflammation Patch – Patrick Young 1/20/17


I would like to take a moment to correspond with you to tell you how happy I am that I have encountered Bio Tech Energy Patch and how much my life has improved as a result.

My life is pretty laid back at this point as a retiree and I had been looking to a life of leisure upon my retirement on December 31, 2012. However that plan did not hold up as my life with Osteoarthritis and lumbar disc degeneration steered me down some new pain paths.

As a result I scheduled several appointments with my primary care physician but was getting nowhere in terms of satisfactory pain relief. In April of 2015 a friend steered me to a medical Doctor who prescribed a medical marijuana card and some specific prescriptions including CBD capsules and CBD trans-dermal patches.

They actually helped and I thought I was on to something that was going to be remarkably helpful. However, my pain continued and had to see my primary care physician who prescribed a medicine named Gabapentin, at a 300mg level suggesting that I take 3 before bed so I could get some pain relief and rest.

It helped with the pain and I was able to get some sleep but in the morning the cycle returned. This is not a pill to be taken during the daytime.

One day while sitting in the salon getting my hair cut, I happened to notice the window signage which said “CBD”. I was somewhat curious that this would be sold here as I knew it to be a salon and not a medical marijuana outlet so I asked about it.

My condition that morning was one of extreme pain so I pursued the conversation. I was given an overview of the Bio Tech process and Mary suggested that I try it. With my pain I was willing to try anything once so I bought a supply and put a patch on while I was there. By the time my appointment was complete, I was walking upright like a human once again.

During the next 30 days I continued to experience relief from my pain and I became a proponent of the Pain and Inflammation patch from Bio Tech. I am several months into using the Pain and Inflammation patch and it is working.

The instructions say to put a patch in place for 3 days which I do but I am finding that the patches sometimes work a little longer. More importantly I have found that I do not have a need to take the prescription Gabapentin.

Just putting on the Pain and Inflammation patch for 3 days gives me Pain relief both day and night. And because I have so little pain, sleeping is not a problem.

This is also important because my body doesn’t handle prescription drugs very well. Even OTC drugs give me a bad reaction so I avoid them at all cost. While I have very good health insurance we still typically are saddled with a co-pay and high prices so not having that burden is very welcome.

My costs associated with Bio Tech Pain and Inflammation patch is less than $3 per day. That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee or a cold drink and the effect are more positive and a lot healthier.

So thank you Richard and everyone associated with Bio Tech for finally helping me to get my life back on a less painful track that I can enjoy once again.




Patrick Young