Bio Energy Patches / Nancy H.

“I have scoliosis from childhood, degenerative vertebrae, sciatica, stenosis and arthritis in
my spine. I had surgery about 2 1/2 years ago on my back that helped for about six months and the pain is back stronger than ever. I have had spinal injections and Eastern Medicine Chiropractic treatments all to NO avail.

I was told about the Bio Energy Synthesis Technology Patches and have been using them
for about three months. I have realized good results most of the time. I have had NO back spasms while on the patches. I have realized the best results have been when I use the “Relax” Patch with the “Pain & Inflammation” Patch.

I also have experienced the best results -Pain Free Time- in the afternoon and evening hours—more pain
in the A.M. upon arising.  Even though I am not pain free, I am a believer in these patches and will continue to use them!! I am noticing much pain relief, more than 50% of each day! and that is IMPROVEMENT!!



” * Individual results may vary “