Bio Tech Energy Patches / Mrs. Berndt

“For everyone who has a story.  In January 2004, my husband Chanc suffered a head injury that resulted in a spinal concussion and this would be the start of a very long journey.  In January of 2009 the pain in his neck would begin to manifest in other ways. This is when the dizziness started and the pain got worse. Visits to see his brother, who is a chiropractor, and doctors increased through October 2009. It was at that point when the pain and dizziness escalated to the point that Chanc blacked out. This would be the first of several visits to the ER and as tests were done they seemed to reveal “nothing.”

When Chanc’s general practitioner realized how bad things were getting he referred him to a neurologist. Eventually he was sent to a pain management specialist and a neurosurgeon. At this point his pain was a 10 on a scale of 1-10, and he was dealing with a number of other issues as well. He was experiencing numbness in his arms and hands, eye twitching, dizziness, moments of paralysis, severe pain in his neck and occipital region, and he was hearing a harmonic echo in his ears and experiencing a metallic taste in his mouth and electric jolts in his body. This would go on for 2-3 years.

During the first two years we spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices. He saw a number of specialists, including two neurosurgeons, four neurologists, three pain management specialists, three different GP’s, a neurophysiologist and an ENT. Nine MRIs and CT scans later we had images of every possible angle of his neck and brain. He also had a sleep study, spinal flow study, nerve blocks and injections.

During all this, he tried many different medications prescribed by doctors that would leave him with the worst side effects – many of which would only magnify his symptoms. After six years of intense pain, Chanc tried multiple medications and doctors, acupuncture, cranial sacral massage, physical therapy, muscle activation therapy, bio feedback, a chiropractic neurologists, and Rolfing and took four trips to the emergency room. All of that left us $40,000 in debt and still we had no answers. Chanc was surviving on Percocet and Rolfing and still living in constant pain.

Eleven years later my husband is Finally Pain Free. Chanc was blessed to meet a man that introduced him to a new frequency patch technology that has changed his life. These patches have no medication or chemicals in them at all. They are strictly a Bio-frequency for treating pain and inflammation and works within your own healing system. Bio Tech Energy Patches are a new way to treat many chronic pain illnesses as well as other body and mind issues. Please visit:, a truly new drug free way to healing your body naturally.

If you know of loved ones or friends that you think can benefit from these patches send them this testimonial? Chanc had a serious condition that could have left him dealing with a life of pain and medication. Now he is drug free and pain free. They have truly changed our life.”



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