Fibromyalgia Sufferer Nancy R. Up Date 12/19

Hi Folks,

An update on my Fibromyalgia, when I first ordered the fibromyalgia Energy Patch, I had been suffering from the intense pain, brain fog and chronic fatigue for over 20 years. Fibromyalgia was the dictator of my life! It has been 4 years that I have been using Bio Tech’s Fibromyalgia Energy Patch and as I said before, just wearing one 1 patch didn’t make a big change but 3 patches made all the difference in the world and today I have controlled the fibromyalgia symptoms. Now my life is no longer dictated by fibromyalgia and I no longer need the fibromyalgia energy patch and free of Fibromyalgia. I have waited several months to share the good news with others as a test of time for true improvement.