Fibromyalgia Sufferer – Nancy R. 12/31/2015

I have had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years and this past year was spent in pain, in bed with fatigue and Fibromyalgia seemed to be take over. Fibromyalgia was a dictator of my life! After trying main different things and still suffering I had given up hope of finding relief. My husband prayed daily for me to get better, I realized that I had to keep searching if his prayers were to be answered. When I read about BioTech Energy Patches it made since that it was worth a try. I started out wearing 1 patch and only some relief. So I asked if I could wear more than 1 and was told yes! I started on Christmas day with wearing 3 Fibromyalgia patches. I started feeling better with no pain, no fatigue and no brain¬†fog and each day just got better! My husband thinks that he has a new wife since he has had to do everything all our married life and now I can take care of him. I had given up on ever feeling normal much less enjoying life! Keeping on 3 Fibromyalgia patches gave me the extra boost to start feeling better sooner! I don’t understand why it helps but I do know it has made a major change in my health.

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