Bio Energy Patches / Dr. Steve Nelson

“My name is Dr. Steve Nelson and I was asked to write my experience with using Biotech’s Bio Energy Patch Products. We have been using the Bio Energy Patches for nearly 5 years with great results. My background is a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Michigan and I’ve never seen anything that works so effective, (specifically the Weight Loss and Appetite patches) in my years of experience as a clinical homeopathic physician.

Since using the Bio Energy Patches, I have found that my patient’s response and acceptance is almost immediate. Many of the reactions that patients were getting by taking a lot of nutritional supplements were eliminated. The Bio Energy Patches have frequencies that the supplements have so they can be given to infants as well as older patients without side effects.

The Bio Energy Patches have been a great boost to my practice. Patient response has been phenomenal- It’s affordable, eliminates taking so many pills, and acts much faster with greater results. In these difficult financial times, if a health care practitioner wants to increase their patient’s positive experiences and resultant profits, then I highly recommend trying these Bio Apps to prove to yourself that they really work as nothing you have experienced before.

Use this next generation of therapeutic tools as an adjunct to what you are already doing – DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! You’ll reap the benefits as will your patients.”



” * Individual results may vary “