Bio Energy Patches / Dr. Richard Parlee

“My name is Dr. Richard Parlee and I was asked to write my experience with Biotech and the Therapy Patch Products. Our office has been using the patch technology for the last 6 years with outstanding results. My background for the past 41 years in pharmacy, chiropractic medicine, and nutritional therapies allowed me to be receptive to this new technology and at first I was a little skeptical. My training in biochemistry and nutritional medicine did not prepare me for the energetic phenomenon that made the patches work.

But because we have always been a pioneering practice, I suspended any judgments on how I thought things worked, and gave the patches a try. Within the first week of implementing the Therapy Patches in our practice, we were getting results faster and our patients were coming back on the next visit with a renewed sense of hope for their particular issues. To say that I was amazed would have been an understatement. With renewed energy to understand how this technology worked, I set out to find answers and clues why this worked where other “proven” therapies barely made a dent in the healing process. What I found in my research confirmed why these patches were making a huge difference in the life of my patients and with my family.

I came to understand that the blueprint level of human design is regulated by energy fields called by many things around the world. The work by many current scientists confirm that energy fields and specifically, frequencies, affect the human system and with consistency. It is with these specific frequencies that I understand how the patches work in harmony to the body. The patches act on the bio-magnetic energy charges in the fluids of the body sending those frequencies to the areas of need.

Beyond the science that is at the core, we measure how things work in the real world by the actual results something gives. I am proud to say we have had more positive results and feedback from our patients than a good portion of our nutrition and chiropractic practice. Patients love the patches for many reasons but the top ones are:

-They have a 72 hour consistent ongoing benefit per patch

-They find it easy to remember to change the patches every 3 days

-They experience No negative side effects, unlike most medications

-They don’t have to struggle with swallowing pills or bad tasting liquids

-And most importantly, they experience immediate positive results

I am compiling the experiences of our patients with this technology and will be able to share this as we continue developing new ways to utilize this technology. To sum up, try the patches for yourself to experience what they may offer you and the ones you care about. But whatever you do, don’t judge something just because you don’t understand it. As a doctor with many years of experience under his belt, there is one thing I know for a fact, I don’t know it all and there is always something new to learn.”



” * Individual results may vary “