Bio Energy Patches / Becky M.

“But seriously WOW on the leaky gut patch!!! I never ever have had my gut act this normal, seriously in years!!! And this is just my third day with it on!!! I am waiting to add the Bio Film patch for a couple more days, so I can see the individual results from the patch. So I have had the leaky gut and sinus patches on, as well as the FEM patch of course! Hope you have an awesome day honey! Love you!

After having a hysterectomy three years ago, and being assured repeatedly by my physician that my hormone levels were normal; I still felt “unbalanced”. I had issues with monthly pimples, as well as mood swings. Using the Biotech FEM patch has truly made a difference for me. I rarely experience pimples or breakouts and feel more balanced and level headed than I have since my surgery. I am a firm believer in the product and love the fact that I am not taking any “medicine” to help my symptoms.

I have experienced IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for my entire adult life. Having had every test imaginable, as well as trying a mass of medications, I found myself only barely managing my symptoms and dealing with side effects from the medication. I have had the “Leaky Gut” patch on for only the past three days, and have such a remarkable change that I am literally blown away! I no longer walk away from meals feeling bloated or gassy and have not experienced my normal heartburn as well. I have not been on my prescription acid reducer/proton pump inhibitor for more than a week and am thrilled to have such amazing results with the Biotech patch. I only wish I had found these sooner!”




” * Individual results may vary “