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Living in the 21st century exposes us to man-made radiation and synthetic toxins that have invisibly worn down our energetic resistance to pathogens and disease. We are unable to keep ourselves strong and protected under such bombardment.

This manifests as fear and weakness and we find ourselves focused on a never ending cycle of survival and easing pain in a perpetual daily routine. Since we are made up of electromagnetic components, we are affected by and susceptible to the ever changing stresses of the environment.

This patch is made to support the body and mind from chaotic conditions and times, allowing our natural calming powers to be stimulated, by adding frequencies to balance and stabilize the pineal gland.

It is a consciousness stimulator that can provide the easing of the modern condition enough to allow the freedom to explore a higher state of mind. Consider using this patch when: A fearful condition or state of mind is present, as it reverses fear, increase confidence and raises awareness.


  • Allows fear to subside into the background as our innate intelligence steps into the forefront.
  • Assumes natural command for the manifestation of more empowered confidence in thought, speech and action.
  • Greater mental clarity and focused thought will assist anyone with better decisions in their daily life and concerning the greater community they exist in.