Stop Craving


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Each Package contains (10) patches, each patch will last for 3 days. Designed to provide essential bio-frequencies that support the body and mind to reduce cravings. The patch is specifically designed to reduce craving for nicotine, food, sugar, alcohol, and drugs. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety associated with withdrawal symptoms.

Do you have the DESIRE to STOP smoking, drinking alcohol or crave sugar?

The Stop Crave gives you an edge to stop the craving cycle. When you satisfy the craving for nicotine, sugar, alcohol or chemical substance it reaches the brain in about 10-20 seconds. This causes a chemical called dopamine to be relased in the brain. Dopamine provides a feeling of pleasure. Use Stop Crave when experiencing Anxiety and Stress associated with any withdrawal symptoms.


The duration that cravings last after discontinuation varies between different substances. For instance, in smoking cessation, a substantial relief is achieved after approximately 3–6 months, but feelings of craving may temporarily appear even after many years following cessation. The Stop Crave patch supports your transition to break the cycle of addiction by Bio Energy Synthesis Technology. This patch is a non-drug therapy.