Pet Zone – Rejuvenator


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Just like humans when you awaken each morning fully rejuvenated, our pets do the same. But what if sleeping is haphazard and offers little deep relaxation! Premature aging will result for both you and your pet.

One of the keys to a happier life for your pet is the ability to rest soundly for approximately six to eight hours a night. During this period of sleep, the animal’s body repairs itself both physiologically and psychologically.

Your pet needs melatonin that brings on sleep within five to six minutes. Up until a decade or so ago, health researchers and medical practitioners believed that the pineal gland, a tiny endocrine gland in the brain, was victim to evolution and served no purpose at all in the human body. Now, doctors know better.

The Rejuvenator 300gs seal for pets are made to be attached to the bottom of your pet’s bed. These seals are safe and are programmed with specific frequencies that produce healing energy and support your pet’s cell reproduction while your pet sleeps.

Each package contains 2 patches for a (one) year supply that you replace every 6 months.