Pet Zone – Flea & Tick


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This energy field cannot be seen, but science tells us that all living creatures are not just a physical structure, but like everything else is composed of BioEnergy fields that can be measured by various magnetic imaging devices.

What to Expect Fleas and ticks are natural predators of warm-blooded animals. They will remain there until you can take action and examine. The Flea & Tick Protector is made to improve the animal’s immune system and keep them healthy while in that environment.

It takes 2-3 weeks to strengthen the animals’ immune system thereby improving a healthier barrier against fleas and ticks. Each package contains 2 patches for a (one) year supply that you replace every 6 months. Your pet is an extension of your family you don’t have to poison your pets with chemicals.

Our products effectively raise your pet’s immune system to cope with anxiety issues and protect them from fleas and ticks using natural BioEnergy.