Pet Zone Calm Patch



The Pet zone Calm is specifically made to combat depression by balancing the dog’s behavior, and also helps work to beat back a wide variety of secondary symptoms. This product is safe for all animals.

Each package contains 2 patches for a (one) year supply that you replace every 6 months. Your pet is an extension of your family; you don’t have to poison your pets with chemicals. Our products effectively raise your pet’s immune system to cope with anxiety issues and protect them from fleas and ticks using natural Bio-energy.

How it’s programmed:The process in which the disk is programmed is by generating a frequency program ranging from 30 MHz to 130 MHz, a special Accelerator Frequency Generator, and (AFG) applies a voltage ranging from 1 volt to 3 volts between coils in a containment field that produce waves of frequencies. These volts of energy cause the material to hold the frequencies to be suspended for up to a two year shelf-life.

The disk is made from a material that contains carbon, crystalline elements, which is embedded into a substrate material and then domed for environmental protection.