Neu Face Spray – 4 OZ


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Bio Tech Energy Patch, is proud to announce a new Skin Care Product from our manufacturer that is vital for keeping your face hydrated and healthy with natural healing ingredients.

Our skin is vulnerable to airborne toxins, including bacteria, fungus and carcinogens from factories and automobile exhaust, as well as tons of other harmful gases that are all around us causing irreversible damage to our face. NEU FACE™ is a super moisturizer with natural healing properties that turn back the clock on aging and makes you feel fresh. No harmful chemicals!

One of the natural ingredients is certified organic Vetiver essential oil, that gives you the natural advantage to help with acne, small cuts, oily skin, wounds. It improves calming and thereby stabilizes emotions and helps to combat fatigue and anxiety. NEU FACE™ is also great for stopping nail fungus that begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail. Try misting 2-3 times after morning shower, then again at bedtime. You’ll start seeing a difference within two weeks. Comes in a 4oz. bottle.