Enviro3 Environmental Allergies


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Each Package contains (10) patches, each patch will last for 3 days. Environmental Allergies not only contaminate our air, but these chemicals eventually land on the food that we eat, the soil where our crops are cultivated and into our water supply. These chemicals pose a wide range of health risks to everyone. Enviro3 offers a simple solution to this problem by providing bio-frequencies that support healthy immune boosting function. The patch is designed to support the immune system from environmental fallout. Effectively encourages the body to defend against viral and bacterial infections.

For years, there has been talk that the government is spraying different chemicals via planes to control or manipulate the weather, and to conduct other chemical tests. The cloud-like lines in the sky that follow an airplaneā€™s path as it flies the blue skies may be of concern, and although most air vehicles leave a vapor trail as they fly, the trails that do not immediately dissipate are the ones allegedly seeded with unknown chemicals.

These chemicals are barium, strontium, aluminum, or some other chemical compound(s).

The American Association for the Advancement of Science held a conference that focused on Geo-engineering, and there was a strong correlation to the topics of the conference and what has already been observed by many as Chemtrails. The thought is that spraying some sort of chemical into the sky that is created to remain in the stratosphere with a slow scattering rate will somehow make a cloud effect that acts as a sort of sun-block in an effort to stop or decelerate radiation from the sun and global warming.