Energy Balance Patch


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Each Package contains (10) patches, each patch will last for 3 days. This patch is designed to provide bio-frequencies that stimulate and support energy and encourages vital organs for maximum function. Energy Balance also enhances glandular and antioxidant support and a boost to the healing process. Consider using when experiencing: Swollen Lymph nodes, weakened immune system, and serious skin and tissue infections.

Energy Balance

When we consume food it converts into chemical energy, which provides the nutritional needs for energy and growth. This connection is defined by the laws of thermo-dynamics that requires all humans to ‘burn’ food for energy. Food energy is often expressed in a unit called Calories.

Negative energy imbalance can lead to a decline in metabolism, decreases in bone mass, reductions in thyroid hormones, reductions in testosterone levels, an inability to concentrate, and a reduction in physical performance. Yet a negative energy imbalance does not lead to weight loss. The body detects an energy “deficit” and fat reserves are called upon to make up the difference.  Our energy balance is regulated and monitored by a complex network of checks and balances.

The Energy Balance™ provides essential bio-frequencies that support and encourages vital organs to naturally balance the function of the glands while lending extra support for the adrenal glands. Energy Balance also enhances healing and antioxidant support.

 These Apps have been tested extensively and proven by the many that have experienced them to promote improved healing.