E-Virus Guard


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The patch is designed for “advanced type flues”. It is designed to use as a relief and preventative measure for the new viral strains. It also addresses hemorrhagic fevers and new viral infections. The symptoms of flu and cold are often confused when diagnosed, so you don’t know if you are experiencing Seasonal Flu, or a bacterial infection. The E-Virus Guard patch is made to interact on a specific set of energetics.

Ebola like Viruses are a group of exotic viral agents that cause a severe hemorrhagic fever disease in humans and other primates. The four known subtypes or species of Ebola viruses are Zaire, Sudan, Reston, and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), named for the geographic locations where these viruses were first determined to cause outbreaks of disease. Although much is known about the agents of Ebola hemorrhagic fever disease, the ecology of Ebola viruses remains a mystery. The natural hosts of filoviruses remain unknown, and there has been little progress at unraveling the events leading to outbreaks or identifying sources of filoviruses in the wild.

The virus is spread primarily through close contact with the body of an infected individual, his or her body fluids, or some other source of infectious material. It appears that the immune response is impaired and that a strong cellular immune response is key to surviving infections.