Power Workout

The Power Workout Patch promotes the experience of natural, increased anabolic power, athletic focus & concentration, stamina, strength and accelerated recovery.

Physical exercise can be a stress reliever or a torture room, depending on your past experience. The health benefits of exercising and physical activity are hard to ignore, and the benefits of exercise are yours for the taking, regardless of your age, sex or physical ability. You don’t need to set aside large chunks of time for exercise to reap toning and trimming benefits. The Power Workout patch helps you to activate your body’s ability to recover faster, while turning up the volume on aerobic strength.

Power Workout patch is designed to support the body’s ability to power up and recover quicker. Consider using when experiencing: Slow to focus, shortness of breath, lack of initiative, sluggishness, lack of energy, impatient, weight loss, increasing aerobic strength, and performing at peak performance.