Flea and Tick Protector

An advanced technology using no-chemicals, no-drugs Health Products for Pets.  Includes, Flea & Tick Protector, Allergies, Calm, Parasite, Pain & Joint and the Pet Rejuvenator.

This energy field cannot be seen, but science tells us that all living creatures are not just a physical structure, but like everything else is composed of BioEnergy fields that can be measured by various magnetic imaging devices.

What to Expect;

Fleas and ticks are natural predators of warm-blooded animals. They will remain there until you can take action and examine. The Flea & Tick Protector is made to improve the animal’s immune system and keep them healthy while in that environment. It takes 2-3 weeks to strengthen the animals’ immune system thereby improving a healthier barrier against fleas and ticks.