Mood Boost

Mood Boost™ patch is a product that was developed as a complementary therapy program that is accepted by Doctors and Practitioners as an aid to support and restore the body’s energetic function.

Mood Boost has been designed for both men and women to support the way the brain and body handle mood swings, as long as it remains in the mild to moderate range of emotional ups and downs. Many different things might trigger mood swings, from unhealthy diet or life style to drug abuse or hormonal imbalance. Use Mood Boost when experiencing: Sleep deprivation, mood swings, learning, memory problems, and physical arousal. Mood swings are the result of dealing with stressful and/or unexpected situations in daily life.

Consult with your Doctor or Therapist if symptoms continue


√ Stress & Anxiety

√ Depression

√ Digestion Difficulties

√ Pain & Inflammation

√ Sleep Disturbances

√ Allergies

√ Female Hormonal Issues

√ Athletic Enhancement

√ Weight Loss

√ Anti-Aging

√ Immune System Concerns