Golfer’s Focus

Don’t struggle with lack of focus, brain fog, inability to concentrate or keep attentive while playing golf. The Golfer’s Focus  patch has been designed to alleviate these imbalances by supporting and balancing brain and nervous system function.

Golfer’s Focus is made to increase mental

awareness while you play a round of golf. Most amateur golfers are easily distracted and preoccupied with other thoughts and are unable to concentrate on their round of golf.

Being unaware of your surroundings can keep you frustrated while in your game.

With the advent of new technology, you can NOW increase your mental focus while playing a round of golf. Golf is fun and relaxing, but when distracted, your game becomes a hassle, leaving you feeling frustrated while playing. You then put your expensive clubs away and never want to play again.

The Golfer’s Focus patch is an easy and logical solution for people who want to use a “drug free” product as part of one’s choice of a natural

way to increase mental focus.