D-Tox Patch

D-Tox Plus™ is a product that was developed as a complementary therapy program that is accepted by Doctors and Practitioners as an aid to support and restore the body’s energetic function while detoxing.

Toxic substances that cause the body to function poorly involve certain food ingredients that include additives, coloring (refined sugar, wheat, alcohol, caffeine) and chemicals. Your body is always in a state of detox. Whether you eat the purest of pure diets, or you live on pizza, beer and ice cream, your body never stops detoxing. As long as you have a functioning liver, kidney and colon, your body is removing toxins.

The D-Tox Plus patch is a safe and natural way to remove the chemicals out of your body without using drugs and other harsh detox compounds. Many people avoid the detoxing process as it is uncomfortable.

For many of us, we work hard to eat the right foods, practice wellness techniques and maintain our balance in spite of high stress levels. Our ancestors knew about detoxing the body and implemented home remedies. Toxins can come from food or water, from chemicals used to grow or prepare food, and even from the air that we breathe. Our bodies process those toxins through organs like the liver and kidneys and eliminate them in the form of sweat, urine, and feces.” So as stated above, you can break toxins down into four categories: toxins from the air, water, food and chemicals in our environments. D-Tox Plus is infused with bio frequencies that support and removes chemicals such as pesticides, petrochemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals, aflatoxins, mold, solvents and artificial colors from the body such as a coffee enema would accomplish. Also safe for children of all ages.