Brain/Heart Patch

The Brain/Heart™ patch is a non-drug product that was developed as a complementary therapy program that is accepted by Doctors and Practitioners as an aid to support brain and heart abnormalities.

Brain/Heart: This patch is designed to support heart, brain and liver balance for Epstein-barr, chronic fatigue. The heart responds to three systems that work together to regulate its function – the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal system (chemicals that are secreted in the blood that affect heart function, like adrenaline), and an intrinsic nervous system. The heart contains its own electrical system that regulates itself in order to keep the heart pumping in a coordinated fashion. This function is then further adjusted by the autonomic and hormonal systems.

None of this means that the heart has a mind. It takes more than neurons, or even a system of neurons, to form a mind. A complex network of neurons can function like a computer chip, and no more has a mind than your laptop does.

It is true that the heart, like the rest of the body, especially the autonomic nervous system, provides sensory feedback to our brains. This can affect our emotions – when something physical is happening to our body we can feel anxious or depressed. Pain itself is a physical sensation that carries with it a specific emotional response, because pain pathways specifically send signal to the limbic system to create the negative emotional response to pain.

The Brain/Heart patch is used when experiencing: Slow activity, chronic fatigue, lack of initiative, sleep issues, hypertension, loss of appetite and lack of energy.